Format & validate JSON Online using "JSON Formatter" to use.

What is JSON

JSON stands for Javascript object is the simplest format for transferring data in client server architecture.JSON organize data in a structured format so it can improve response readability.JSON is alternative way for xml[ Extensible Markup Language].

JSON Store content in Keys and Values:

Each key has separate value in JSON data due to this Developers get proper structured data and easily integrate it into UI.

What is "JSON Formatter " ?

"JSON Formatter" is a free tool which format complex JSON data into the human readable structure according to space tab provided by user.using this tool user can format their JSON Data.

Before Using "JSON Formatter "

                         {"train_name": null, "error": false, "to": {}, "failure_rate": 0, "quota": {"quota_code": null, "quota_name": null}, "journey_class": {}, "from": {}, "to_station": {}, "class": {"name": null, "code": null}, "availability": [], "train_number": null, "response_code": 404, "train": {}, "from_station": {}, "debit": 3}

After Using "JSON Formatter "

			 "train_name": null,
			 "error": false,
			 "to": {},
			 "failure_rate": 0,
			 "quota": {
			  "quota_code": null,
			  "quota_name": null
			 "journey_class": {},
			 "from": {},
			 "to_station": {},
			 "class": {
			  "name": null,
			  "code": null
			 "availability": [],
			 "train_number": null,
			 "response_code": 404,
			 "train": {},
			 "from_station": {},
			 "debit": 3

How To Use "JSON Formatter" ?

1) go to JSON Formatter
2) paste JSON data
3) click on "Format JSON" Button
4) you will get Formated JSON.